Where in Northern Virginia do you work?

We build decks primarily in Prince William and Fauquier Counties.  Many of our clients are in Warrenton, Bristow and Gainesville Virginia.  We have designed and built decks recently in the Dominion Valley neighborhood of Haymarket.  Please contact us.  We are happy to...

How do you design decks?

We meet with the home owners and listen to why they would like a new deck.  We look at the back of the home and measure the area where the deck would be built.  We then create deck drawings with different options.  Once the home owners narrow down their choices, we...

What type of cabinets do you build?

I design and build custom cabinets for the family room, usually around a focal point such as a fireplace or a big screen TV.  I also create custom kitchen islands and kitchen cabinets.

Do you repair and maintain older decks?

Yes, I do repair decks.  Some people don't want a whole new deck, nor do they need one. If the existing framing is sound, I will remove the deck boards and the railing and give the deck a face lift. If the home owner wishes to expand their deck, I can work off of the...

What deck is the least maintenance?

A deck made of composite materials is very low maintenance.  When the sides and floor are made of vinyl, you will just need to power wash the deck every couple years to keep it looking new.

Which locations do you serve?

I build decks and custom cabinets all over Northern Virginia.  Many of my customers are in Prince William County and Fauquier County.  I also frequently design and build decks in Loudoun and Fairfax Counties.  

How long does a deck last?

A wooden deck should last about 25 years.  It depends on a couple things.  If the deck was maintained well, it will last longer.  If it gets constant sun exposure, the wood will dry out and it will not last as long.  If the deck is in shade much of the time, it can...

When should you replace a deck?

To decide if a deck needs replacing, you can look at the wear of the wood.  Is it starting to splinter or crack?  Are the steps sagging? If you have young children, check the gaps between railings to make sure your kids will be safe on the deck. The building code...